Акцыі ў Дзень салідарнасьці: беларусы патрабуюць свабоды і праўды пра зьніклых


The meeting with the Group des Amis yesterday was failry good. Not many States unfortunately (7 out of 20). On the other hand amny ICAED members partcipated and there were some good ideas proposed and picked up by the french mission. I think we managed to revitalise the Group of Friends at least a little bit.

1) Human Rights Council session in March. They will try to strengthen the resolution and see how they can try to make the Convention part of the high level segment.
2) The idea of a seminar on the tecnical dificulties of the Convention was greeted as a good idea. Maybe at the entry into force.
3) Special attention will be give to working on the secretariat of the OHCHR to do more in promoting the Convention. On their website but also on country level.
4) The suggestion of joining the August 30 International Day of the Disappeared was also acknowledged as someting to work further on.

It was decided that the Group des Amis should have another meetiong at the end of January to plan the HRC sesion in March.

Also find attached the membership form of the Al Karama for Human Rights. They work in the Middle East and North Africa and are dedicated to promote te Convention. I already invited them to come to the Geneva meeting of te Group of Friends but I clearly spoke before my turn. I will await your reactions now to confirm their membership.