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Twelve years without Dmitri Zavadsky


On July 7 2000 Dmitry Zavadsky was subjected to involuntary disappearance on his way to the Minsk-2 airport. His fate still remains unknown. The Belarusian authorities, after having conducted an official conviction process, where nothing was reveald in direct connection to what had happened to dmitry Zavadsky, refuses to cope with the case. Dmitry Zavadsky… Read More »

Stolen baby hails ‘liberating’ verdict


Two former military leaders in Argentina have been found guilty of overseeing the systematic theft of babies from political prisoners. Relatives of the stolen children cheered as a court in Buenos Aires sentenced Jorge Videla (shown in this photo) to 50 years in prison and Reynaldo Bignone to 15 years. At least 400 babies are… Read More »