Monthly Archives: August 2012

Today the world celebrates the International Day of the Disappeared


Today the whole world, for the 29th time, celebrates the International Day of the Disappeared. Four famous persons were subjected to involuntary disappearance in 1999-2000 in Belarus. Their fate still remains unknown. Yury Zakharenko Ex-minister of Internal Affairs, General of Police Forces Yury Zakharenko was kidnapped not far from his house in the evening of… Read More »

Dmitry Zavadsky would have turned 40 today


On August 28 cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky would have been forty. Dmitry was subjected to involuntary disappearance on July 7, 2000. Since then his whereabouts remain unknown. Tonight action of memory of the disappeared journalist took place in Brest: posters with information about Dmitry were spread in the city. Dmitry Zavadsky was born on August 28,… Read More »